Philip Rosedale – Founder of Second Life

Show Notes:

Philip Rosedale, Founder of Second Life and High Fidelity.

  • Founder of Second Life and High Fidelity Inc.
  • Second Life is a virtual world, and in his current work, he wants to continue to build a digital version of everything
  • Internet interactions moving towards connecting people in a better way
  • High Fidelity focuses on how to use technology to decrease the latency between people in online conversations
  • Improving avatar conversations to show real communication movements to make it more similar to face-to-face conversations
  • Building Second Life: wanted to create a big empty space where people could come and build things together
  • Always had entrepreneurial skills, and waited to start Second Life when the technology was good enough to create this virtual world
  • It took years for people’s use of Second Life to evolve and set off, so expect projects to need to take time to take off, and may take a lot of money