Jennifer Pattee, Basic Training

November 6th, 2013

Jennifer Pattee founded Basic Training in San Francisco in 2008 with the idea that the best workout program is the one you actually want to use. And so she has turned working out into a social, fun, incredible experience that people keep coming back to.

Her personal and business habits are fascinating. In the full video, Jenn shares her amazing personal story that got her from unhealthy to healthy … thoughts on keeping people coming back to work out consistently, working out in a healthy manner, making health and fitness social, running and eating healthy. It’s a great interview!

Also see: Jenn’s campaign for a Pop-up Fitness Hub in Hayes Valley, San Francisco.

You can watch the above short-version of the video (about 3 mins) for free, or purchase the Habits of Entrepreneurs video series for $49 to get the full version (nearly an hour), along with show notes, below. Learn more.