Buster Benson, founder of 43things.com

Show Notes:

Buster Benson

  • 43 Things – good way to bring people onto the Internet before blogging was popular.
  • 750 Words – getting people to write.
  • Health Month – getting people to create and stick to health habits.
  • Way of the Duck – habits and changing your life.
  • Self-published novelist, project manager at Twitter
  • Twitter has values and a community feel, works to affect the future instead of optimizing things from the past; resonates with Buster.
  • How do you change yourself? Through reflection, and data is a way to do this reflection.
  • Interested in change and how people change, since early 2000s.
  • Tracks a lot of data or data on himself, but it’s not very possible to track the intangible meaning in quality time spent with people who are important to you.
  • Looks at life in reverse from the perspective of his deathbed hypothetically: it’s important to follow your passions, not let people control you or tell you what’s right or wrong.
  • Realized that it’s not what you do, but what mindset you do it in. Utilizes both high and low energy mindsets.
  • Works on larger view of creating habits: how can you make these tiny habits less fragile? Habits are often surrounded by circumstances of randomness; welcoming and loving the change is a good mindset to create habits. Instead of fighting against the world, you accept the change.